Behavior Modification Workshop
All together, collectively
We are here to share
Our energy
Long forgotten and pushed aside
We surrendered, lost and blind

People like us who could have been
At the top, but instead we stopped
Before our journey was meant to end
We’ve now begun anew
And discovered someone who
Will help us mend our broken dreams
Add new colors to all our schemes
And lay a path to reach our goals
Right around the bend
Whether or not

You’ve spent years in psychotherapy,
have read a half dozen or more self-help books,
listened to subliminal message tapes,
attended motivational seminars,
attempted hypnosis or self-hypnosis,
learned biofeedback,
experienced acupuncture,
joined a 12-step program and, at times,
relied on medicinal and/or recreational drugs,

you may still be plagued with behaviors that are a hindrance rather than a boon to your existence.   Although not a magic bullet,
The Workshop is
intended to be a shorter means to a desired end.  It allows one to target
selected behaviors and responses and re-program them in order to obtain a
healthier, less stressful and a more gainful outcome.  I will not negate any of
the myriad methods long-existing or hot off the press – one gleans knowledge
from everything they read and experience.  From the abundance of aforesaid
systems, I have incorporated many pearls of wisdom and tidbits of truth,  
utilizing these practices and good old common sense, to create my own
formulaic concepts.  
The Workshop was designed to teach formulas and
exercises to broaden one's understanding as to how one's behavior can be
gently manipulated.   When embraced and applied, these techniques will
eventually allow for personal adjustments in behaviors and attitudes like an
artist or mechanic choosing the perfect tools for his task.  Even such talented
artisans train with Masters and teachers to further enhance their aptitude.

The Workshop was conceived to benefit and enlighten people who want to
get on with their lives and have reached a plateau in their ability to do so.  It
is for anyone who realizes they are capable of change, but needs some
guidance to make it happen.  Not to be confused with group therapy or
personal counseling, it is a four session interactive workshop that runs in
one and one half (1 1/2) hour intervals.  It is easily tailored for any group in
terms of length of time, goals and focus.

As someone who has been a perpetual student of personal improvement, I
have been creating my own methodology of behavior modification for over 25
years.  Because of my physical and emotional hyper-sensitivity, I have always
been in search of ways to curb or enhance my own behaviors, diligently
discovering resources that would aid me in accomplishing my goals.  Resulting
from my efforts to chronicle my observations of actions and reactions, my work
with brilliant mentors and counselors and exhaustive topical reading, I have
devised a disciplined approach to adapting and restructuring behavioral
practices.  Some of my own successes have been:

  Deciding to stay thin at age 11 and committing to a
                    life-long avoidance of over indulgence;
  Getting over panic attacks;
  Getting over phobias;
  Quitting smoking cigarettes;
  Improving interpersonal skills, and
  The realization that I want to help others as well.

Please contact me for any further information.
Take a Chance on Change - The Workshop
When time is of the essence and patience is short - you need to jump start
your motor and find a new energy source.  If you believe you are ready to
Take a Chance on Change, The Workshop could be the program for you.
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