My services are always evolving.  The following list can be
further tailored according to one's needs.  

    General Correspondence/Letters
    Concept Design
    Promotional Materials
    Website Content
    Logo Design
    Professional Identity
    PowerPoint Presentations
Concepts in Writing, Design and Communication

    Concept designing is the birthing and formulation of an idea that
    may be “original.”  It can be as simple as finding a “new angle” in
    a marketing scheme to designing or inventing a new product.  It is
    putting forth a plan and pathfinding a way to get there.  If you
    think you're on to something, but aren't quite sure what it is that
    you are looking for . . . That’s why you would hire me, to help you
    brainstorm through a roadblock to your future success.  I would
    then get the ball rolling by starting the initial inquiry process,
    writing letters, and/or preparing a proposal or PowerPoint

    It is a descriptive synopsis of your business (corporate) or
    yourself (bio) used in explanatory, promotional material, e.g.,
    web content, resumes and hand-outs.  It could include a slogan or
    catch-phrase to make you stand out above the rest.

    It is the creation of advertising/promotional literature (copy) and
    catchy, descriptive captions for visual content, pictures, e.g.,  
What is Professional Identity?
What is a Concept Design?
Additional Services
I am able to provide my clients with the following business
services, should they require them:

  • Administrative Secretarial assistance
  • Wordprocessing
  • Notary Public (Qualified in Westchester County)
Fee Structure
My fees are very reasonable.  Because I am competing
with longer established vendors in my fields, I am introducing
my services at a substantial discount.  I offer a free 45 minute
consultation.  Most of my rates are billed hourly.  
What is Copywriting?