Creativinfinity offers a host of unique, creative, cost-efficient writing and
design services and advice (concept design) to commercial enterprises and
individuals.  Small businesses do not have excess capital to spend on marketing
their products and services.  Given our current globally depressed economic
climate, not to mention our local one, we are all hanging by a string to survive.  
Going to an advertising agency to create a brand identity, target potential
purchasers and prepare an ad campaign, is usually an expensive option.  But it
doesn’t have to be.
 Need ideas?  Get Creativinfinity.

How often are you at a loss for words?  Whatever your needs, the letters you
can’t compose, the song lyrics that evade you, the poem you can’t complete, the
logo and caption to make your business pop, the content you need to write to fill
your website – it’s out there but you haven’t found it.
 Need ideas?  Get

Some of my services include:

  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Promotional materials
  • Website content
  • Logo Design

Thank you for your interest.  My name is Ellie Treistman.

Creating – designing, writing and communicating have always
been my tangible vehicles for self-expression.  As any artist knows, he or she is
compelled to follow and obey their muse.  I was given the gift of natural artistic
ability and have made a life-long effort to improve and hone my crafts.  Learning
from observation, application and training – my talents have always impressed
others, but for me every creation was a work in progress with myriad options for
conclusion –
all of them right.   While attending the original Music and Art High
in New York City, I chose to specialize in stage design and advertising art,
thus followed my decision to major in interior design at the
Fashion Institute of
, also in New York City.  The essence of a good designer is having the
ability to interpret their client’s intent as quickly as possible; to then articulate
and/or draft many potential schemes based on budget, existing conditions and
projected structural changes to a space.  To be able to conceptualize and
present ideas at a very preliminary stage requires visualization, energy and
enthusiasm.  I apply this potion to every project I engage in regardless of its size
or medium.  

Further evolving from my background of fine and decorative arts, I fell in love with
designing language (writing) and the use of
nuance to convey with great clarity,
one's ideas. Now I want to help others with
their projects, from personal letters
to marketing concepts and web content, etc.  With my dynamic writing style, I will
your needs, express your thoughts and make it possible to obtain the
positive results
you are seeking.
Concepts in Writing, Design and Communication
What inspired the formation of Creativinfinity?