Everyone is born with inherent talents and I was blessed with an abundance
of them.  My artistic abilities manifested themselves in my early childhood.  I was
always in creative mode and felt an immediate kinship with nature - the essence
of beauty, as well as texture, sound, smell and movement.  My sensibilities were
alive right from the ‘get go’ and I had a constant yearning to express my feelings
through art and dance.  My hyper-sensitivity was coloring my world in ways that
were burdensome as well as elating.  Hence I was truly endowed with “artistic
temperament.” Growing up in a home where education and culture were
tantamount in importance, I had a rather sophisticated exposure to both at a
young age.  I was able to take advantage of accelerated art, English and
language programs in junior and senior High School; and an expansive art
curriculum (my major) at the “famed”
High School of Music and Art.  I was also
fortunate to have been able to attend extracurricular lessons in art, dance (ballet,
modern and jazz), modeling and acting at landmark facilities such as
The Art
Students League, The New York School of Ballet, Martha Graham School of Dance,
John Robert Powers
and the Stella Adler Studio.   Looking for a more commercial use
of my artistic skills I obtained a degree in interior design from the
Fashion Institute
of Technology
.  An interest in marketing and advertising sent me back to Mercy
for a foundation in business administration.  Although I excelled in
undergraduate psychology and accounting, I did not intend to
follow through with careers in either subject.  Nonetheless,
I was extremely drawn to the fundamental principles and
respective applications in both areas of study and found myself
applying formulas of logic and acutely monitoring patterns of
behavior  forever after.  

Because of my interest in fine writing, I have always read
with an editor’s eye, easily sidetracked by inconsistencies in
grammar and spelling.  Influenced greatly by the authors of
classic literature, i.e., Dickens, Trollope, the Bronte sisters,
Austen, etc., I developed a narrative style which came easily.  Beginning two
books, the first fiction, funded by my own life story and the other, a humorous
non-fiction “how to,” proved to be excellent exercises in structure and dialogue
construction.  I soon gravitated to smaller works, i.e., essays, articles, poems and
song lyrics.  

Despite my intention to have a career in the creative arts, I actually found myself
anchored to the title “legal assistant,” spending over twenty years of my working
life in law firms.  The obvious dichotomy of creative spontaneity and disciplined
corporate demands were not a natural fit, but contributed to my expert ability in
composing correspondence with a legal bent.

Every writing challenge presents a new opportunity to master the task at hand,
drawing upon vocabulary and the staging of thoughts.  My training as a designer
easily transferred into my desire to create a landscape of words to be
appropriate, significant and oftentimes beautiful.  
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